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Kudafushi Resort & Spa offers the opportunity to discov-er the incredible Raa Atoll, where whale sharks, mantas, turtles are spotted on a regular basis. Kudafushi DivingCenter exclusively follows the P.A.D.I. system(Professional Association of Diving Instructors).

The PADI system of diver education is based on progressive training that introduce skills, information on the safetyand local environmental knowledge to students in the courses.

PADI courses are student-centered and provide for maximum practice and application. Students learn the basics through self- study and then they are guided by their instructors. The aim is to bring students into the water as soon as possible and provide them with the education they need to gain confidence in the tec

Leave the gravity world behind… Free yourself…Glide weightless…

Enjoy the Underwater World...Experience the freedom of a weightless world… See the real beauty of the Maldives…Be amazed...

Our multi language and experienced DIVE Team will take you to some of the most amazing reefs here in Raa Atoll in guided groups no bigger than 4 divers per Instructor.

Our large deck can be used as an open-air classroom or you can just sit relax and enjoy the fantastic view and stunning sunsets.

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and water sport!

Discover the crystal clear waters and marine life through a wide range of water sports activities:

Snorkeling: A quiet and amazing way to discover the beauty of marine life, without necessarily being an expert swimmer!

Canoeing: enjoy canoeing activity , admiring the beauty of smooth crystal watersJet

Ski: have fun with our jet ski and discover ours and the other surrounding Islands!

Snorkeling by boat explore our reef inthe night time with a submarine torch and dedicatedguides. Explore the unbelievable and don’t forget the waterproof camera!

Sunset Fishing try hand line fishing by Dhoni. Watch the sun- set while fishing with a hand-held line, the traditional Maldivian way.

Sunset Cruise experience a relaxing cruise with the wonder full colors the sun setting over the Indian Ocean. To create lasting memories for years to come

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